Monkey Valley Resort/ Cape Point

Loving Local no.3

Venus Pools


Monkey Valley Resort/ Cape PointTucked inside the gates of Cape Point Nature Reserve you will find a little hidden gem known to few. Venus Pools has to be one of the most beautiful rock pool formations i have ever seen.

Crystal clear waters teaming with so much life. Fish, giant star fish, a rainbow of sea urchins, crabs, clean green seaweed. Venus Pools literally is an underwater wonderland.  The beautiful  flat rocks that surround the pool provide plenty of space for little ones to sit in safety. A wonderful spot to have a picnic or romantic breakfast with your loved one.

Probably one of the most special things to experience at the pools is the “high tide shower” . Exhilarating is an understatement! Climb into the pool and stand facing the Point, where the Atlantic  Ocean meets False Bay. Wait for one of the thundering waves to hit the edge of the jaggered rocks, take a deep breath and enjoy being showered by a broken wave. Kids can sit on the outer rocks, which slant down into the pool and enjoy the slide straight in. Guaranteed  to bring hours of entertainment and laughter .

A safe place to snorkel  for the whole family. Which one would never think of finding amongst the wild seas of the reserve.  A definite must see. A memory you will carry for life.

Monkey Valley Resort/Cape Point