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A beautiful day out in picture perfect Cape Town.  Definitely an experience of a life time. @CheetahOutreach is an experience for the whole family.

Open 7 days a week from 09.30 until 17.00 makes this encounter very easy  to schedule. Cheetah Outreach came into being after South Africa’s Cheetah population started declining rapidly. The main reason for this being is that they were blamed for the death of livestock on farms. Which thanks to the founding of this organisation has led to the educating of farmers and surrounding communities.

A reasonable entry fee allows you to enjoy an encounter that is uniquely South African. You are greeted by very knowledgeable guides who take you down to the cage area. You are then given the rundown of what to do and not do when approaching the Cheetahs.

The handlers know their animals well and leave you feeling confident to approach especially with children.

There are different packages. You can choose one of three. A walk around the foundation without entering the cages. An encounter with an Adult cheetah or an encounter with the cubs.

You are in the cages for about 10 minutes and the guides take photos of you individually.

After your encounter with the cheetahs you are introduced to their conservation program, Livestock Guarding Dog Programme. The use of the Anatolian Shepherd dogs has seen a remarkable drop in the loss of livestock with a 97% success rate.  Cheetah Outreach breeds and places these magnificent animals with the farmers  between 4 to 6 weeks of age, at no cost to the farmer.

Cheetah have been blamed for the loss of livestock which fortunately is not true. They are the same as us, awake during the day and asleep at night. Due to them being seen during the day they took the wrap and thanks to this program that theory was proven not to be true.

Along with this they have a variety of small predators such as serval, caracal, black backed jackal, bat eared foxes and meerkat.

Monkey Valley Blog Cheetah