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Nestled in the heart of Noordhook, Cape Town you will find The Dunes Riding Stables. Positioned on the dunes of one of the most beautiful beaches in Cape Town, if not the world, you are able to complete a definite bucket list experience .

The stables are run by Mike ……., a well known and respected race horse trainer, who has over thirty years under his belt. Upon arrival you are greeted by Mike and his wonderful team.  What makes this yard extra special is Mikes passion for what he does and the animals he works with. Both his staff and self have a special bond and knowledge of each and every thoroughbred at the stables. Mike has taken in a number of rescues, which otherwise would of seen a horrible end and given them the life that they deserve.

The nice thing about The Dunes is that the groups are kept small, ensuring safety and ease for those who are not too familiar with horses, a big plus when looking for outride activities.

The outride lasts about an hour and a half. You are led out onto the dunes which takes you to the main beach. There is no better way to experience the vastness of Noordhoek Beach with its sharp contrast of never ending white sand and crystal clear waters. The horses love the water which allows you to head straight to the sea which you follow the whole way down to The Kakapo, a Schooner shipwreck that has been there since 1900.

If you are lucky enough you will be able to see dolphins playing in the waves and at certain times of the year (whale season) you will see and hear whales calling and breaching the waters.

Your guides are full of knowledge about the beach and the wildlife that inhibit the coast which make it even more of a memorable experience, Milton our guide was absolutely gem.

The Dunes Riding Centre is open seven days a week and rides go out twice a day, at 10am and again at 4pm.

This is a wonderful adventure activity for the whole family. Perfect activity for a Birthday Party, the adventurous bachelor and bachelorette party/groups. What ever the occasion this is must to put on and cross off your bucket list.

Money Valley Blog | The DunesMoney Valley Blog | The Dunes

Money Valley Blog | The Dunes